Whether you’re new here or not, i’m thankful you’re spending your precious minutes reading my words. that’s something i’m learning, something i think we all are learning, how delicate time is. i’m humbled you’re here.

i want my little space on the internet to be a place of inspiration, of safety, for you, just as much as it is for me. We don't all need to burn our hands to learn the lesson. We can learn from each others scars. So, I'm showing you mine.

i hate surprises. maybe you do too. so what you can expect to see here are words of my annoying optimism, with some poetry sprinkled in of course; expect talks about life and love and relationships and entrepreneurship; expect stories of the really, really good-stuff, and some hurts too; expect practical, conscious, and affordable style posts; expect both near and far adventures and travels; expect to hear about my experiments with food and exercise; expect authentic. expect everything in between, but don’t expect a ghost – i’ll be here.

that’s on my to-do list in 2019. to be here more.

so i’m hanging a welcome sign in this blog’s hypothetical window, and i hope you’ll take your shoes off at the door, make yourself at home, pour a cup of coffee and be here with me too.