Squarespace Tutorial: how to DIY a press page

As your business grows, designing a new press page to show off your features (guest posts, podcast interviews, print coverage, etc) should get you jazzed, not stress you out. 

Adding a page to your Squarespace site shouldn't be a pain.  Below you'll find a quick instruction for how to make a simple press page using Canva & your Squarespace account.



  1. save the logos of screenshots of the pages into a folder on your computer
  2. upload all images / logos to canva - this will help you size each so that they look consistent no matter the starting dimensions!
  3. choose a square, vertical or horizontal canva template based on your files ... whatever matches best
  4. drag each logo /  image onto a new page in the template and size each so they look consistent
  5. download (with transparent background if you have that option)



  1. create a new page and title it 'press' or 'features'
  2. add a title and, optionally, a subtitle to your new page
  3. add a grid gallery and upload your canva-formatted logos
  4. under the gallery block's design panel
    • choose the format (square, vertical, horizontal) to match the format you created in canva.  
    • uncheck 'crop images' 
    • select 'links open in a new window'
    • use the slider to determine how many logos appear per line and the spacing between logos
  5. for each logo, click the gear icon (appears when you hover on the logo)
    • add the title of the feature or the title of the publication / site for the 'title' area
    • add a link to the feature or publication's site under 'clickthrough URL'
  6. save the block edits
  7. save the page

BOOM- you've got a new press page on your site.  

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