3 Reasons Why You Need To Be Guest Posting



When you guest post you get the opportunity to stand in front of a new audience & tell them how great you are.  These new readers will fall in love with you & your content- of course- and click back to your site to learn more.  

If you want to ensure the clickback, have a content upgrade linked from the guest post to a cover page for the opt in download- SO EASY to create in squarespace.  This way you can get these new readers onto your mailing list & keep in touch.  



When you are featured on other blogs or sites, it builds your credibility.  Whether it's an interview, a complete post or a contribution to a post, these features will help build your position as an expert in your field.  Positioning yourself as an expert in your niche is key to building the know / like / trust factor.  By guest posting, you are essentially being endorsed be the other site.  BOOM.  You're a damn expert.



Let's talk about backlinking.  A backlink is a link from one site to another- seems simple, but these links will help your SEO ranking.  Much like #2, the search engines see you being linked from another site as a credibility builder.  You want google to think you're credible so they raise your visibility in the search results.  

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