5 Life Mantras To Help Decrease Anxiety

Anxiety is a recurring issue in my life and in many lives. Everyone experiences it to some degree, whether it be daily, monthly, or only during major life events. What most of us don’t know is how to handle that anxiety and accept the fact that it’s just a part of life. So I thought I’d share a few mantras I often repeat to myself during times of stress that have really helped me get through life’s low points.

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Breaking The Stigma On Depression

As a child, pointing out your ooey gooey wounds meant kisses and Neosporin; at some point that changed into makeup over bruises. 

At what point did we start feeling the need to cover our hurt? At what point did we start smiling through gritted teeth? When did the switch go off in our heads that crying was to be done silently in your car?

The more you hold your pain secret, the more you believe it's too dark and ugly to be seen. At some point, you'll explode (like I did at Taco Tuesday where word vomit splashed on the table and ran out crying, begging to go home.)

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Women's Wellness | Natural Products I Love

Here are some natural products I’ve been using lately + loving. . . 

Sweet Spot Grapefruit Verbena Cleansing Wipes + Wash

I am typically a Dr. Bronner’s gal all the way! But sometimes, it’s nice to have a gentle wash and some wipes for the most sensitive skin on our bodies. I have been loving this duo from Sweet Spot  and the grapefruit verbena smell is really refreshing. These gentle products are awesome!

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