how old are you? where are you from?

I'm twenty-five, living in Utah. 


5'8, yet I'm constantly reminded that I am the shortest in the family. 


what’s your favorite book?

The Four Agreements – 100% recommend.


What's your worst trait?

I have made leaps and bounds, but I still take things too personally and can be quite the procrastinator.


What's your best trait?

I am a wizard at finding silver linings and try my best to wear vulnerability as my armor.


You had a tumor? what!?

Yes, I had a 9 cm benign soft tissue tumor in my lower back. It was removed 1/25/18 and has relieved many, many health issues. I had the best team and am so, so thankful for them.


Where can i book your book?

This question brings me nearly to tears every time it's asked. Thank you, sincerely. You can purchase on Barnes & Noble and on Amazon. Here & here

What is gastroparesis?

Gastroparesis is a rare disease in which the vagus nerve is damaged, paralyzing your stomach-making nutrition & digestion nearly impossible & very painful. With the lack of nutrition comes organ failure, anemia, heart problems + so much more. Why am I telling you this? Well, I was diagnosed with it. I always thought a diagnosis would bring treatment, but rare diseases lack awareness, which leads to lack of funding for studies. So I'm here to bring awareness. 


what is creative buffet conference?

Creative Buffet is a one-day conference filled with panels, workshops, mentor power hours, break out sessions, delicious food, cocktails and more. The core focus of our conference is to entertain, enlighten and inform creatives around key topics surrounding the digital space and their business. From launching a blog or business, developing content strategies or taking your existing strategies to the next level, you will be networking with like-minded creatives while hearing advice from the best in the industry. We are a one-stop shop for the millennial creative business person. Our conference caters to all kinds of entrepreneurs, even those with full time jobs looking to get more creative in their current environment.