There is a stigma that being strong means not showing emotion.

We've grown up being brain washed that being manly is to kill off the dragon without fear, coming home a hero and being unscathed. There were two types of princesses: the one who was a delicate little flower of pity who fell into the lap of a big hunky hero, or the badass princess who went against the rules and got what she wanted; both of which hide their identity and feelings due to fear of judgement of others.

They're both wrong. It's all wrong.

Being strong does not mean holding in pain for the sake of others. Being delicate does not mean you're not a badass. Being a badass does not mean you're not entitled to being sensitive.

Every single person feels. Everyone.

The hero is not someone who kills the dragon while hiding their fear, anxiety, and feelings; the hero is the one who kills of the dragon and is proud of the scars it took to get there. 






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