4 Simple Tricks To Fight Back Your Symptoms

After years and years of being poked and tested, being a medical lab rat in the office and in the home to try to find some budge in symptoms, falling for every single thing that advertises healing, I've finally found what works for me.
I share this in hopes that this leads you to products and activies that may work for you.

These methods, unfortunately, do not cure the issue. They do temporarily eliminate or decrease them, and for now, that's all I can ask for. We are all different, so although we have the same disease, I can't promise any of the methods I've found will guarantee to work for you. I do promise I will work my best to find the most accurate and up-to-date information for the both of us to grow as the medical studies do. 

Symptoms: Nausea

This is honestly the hardest one for me to get a handle on. Let me introduce you to my new bestfriend: Preggy Pop Drops. Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking- "but, I'm not pregnant". Well, we basically have all the awesome (*eye roll*) side effects of pregnancy that all the moms cry about, but we don't get the happy, cuddly baby at the end. Instead, we get nausea and a painful belly. Yay. (*another eye roll*) But hey, we're tough, and we can handle this. Preggy Pop Drops are all natural suckers that, for me, work instantly. It's a serious benefit that they're all natural, because A. all natural is awesome in itself. B. You don't have to worry about mixing meds. C. I seriously eat ten of these a day, and you can't overdose on suckers. 

Symptom: Pain

My resolution to my stomach pain? My heat pack. I'm pretty sure it's just a little bag of beans, but it's infused with lavender, so everytime I put it in the microwave to heat up, it comes out smelling amazingly relaxing. Throw that bag below your stomach and just relax. Essential Oils and (a very, very light) stomach massage have worked wonders for me as well. Look over a photo of your intestinal track, and trace it on your own stomach, giving all that fermented junk in your abdomen a little push in the right direction. It's uncomfortable, but can relieve a bit of that pain. *I suggest tracing your tummy with essential oils mixed with coconut oils to ease a bit of that discomfort. 

Symptom: Passing out

Low blood pressure can cause lots of things, but passing out is one I (obviously) can't ignore. I've listened to my body more and more, realizing I won't get any better if I continue to ignore. Once I opened the door to acknowledgment, I have noticed that I feel 'funny' a minute or so before I actually get the black out sensation. With this, I've been able to have a safe-word of sorts, where I can hold on to whatever is near me, take a seat if possible- putting your head between your legs to make up for the lack of blood it was just feeling, and blabble "I don't feel good". This creates an understanding for whoever is around you that you're not feeling well, without having to explain the entirety of the situation (because that would take way too long.) 
I know, I haven't found a real resolution to this situation yet, but this is a lot better than the previous (falling and bruising too many body parts.)

Symptom: All Over Aches + Pains

I have recently been attending a foam rolling class at a yoga studio. There was a new organ found that directly links nerve damage and pain to a dysfunctioning fascia. You can read more about this in my "what the fascia" blog post here. I will be explaining this more with photos and descriptions in a future blog post.



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