Don't Be Bitter, Be Better

There's a positive side to everything.

Repeat after me, everything.

 in every single situation, there's a positive way to look at it. I know, I know; you're now thinking of all sorts of insane situations that could contradict my first statement. (You obviously weren't listening. Repeat again, "every single situation has a positive outlook"- you just have to see it.)

People go through life letting life lessons make them bitter. Between heart break to losing a loved one, people become hard rather than seeing the good that came. I've had my fair share of traumatic events. I'm not saying I wasn't bitter for a long time, but then I woke up one day and decided "hey self, I don't want to feel like this anymore." I had way too many enemies and was so bitter and negative towards everyone, without really learning and building from the things I've been through.
Think about this, (for you strong minded people),

why let those who beat you down win? 

That was a big motivator for me. I wanted to prove I wasn't a damsel in distress. Through all the trauma I went through, I was still on top (because it's my life). Also, if you hate someone- you're only hurting yourself. Literally, they won't care, or frankly even know. You're just being negative and bringing yourself down (or as low as they are.) 

Be better than that.

It's very easy to say "oh he/she broke my heart, I'll never love again." But why? Why let an experience (that may have really been horrible) ruin it for the next? Be grateful you found out they weren't the one for you, hold your head up high, and go find the one who is. 

It's easy to say "this world is so horrible. Did you see that school shooting?" 

Well, did you see the support groups, the communities brought together, and the tributes/time spent volunteering? 

It's easy to be negative, but it should be just as easy to see the positive. 

This is why I'm starting a project. A self love/ self improvement project. 

Let me explain, I'm definitely not perfect in any of these categories. 

We're doing this together, friends. 

In one of the next posts, I'll be explaining it a little more (and a little clearer) and have a few free printables, along with a weekly scheduled post for this project specifically. 

To start off, I'm going to challenge you, and myself, to think of a situation that has truly made you bitter. Now think of what positive outcome came from that. There are some. Think about it.

We're doing this together, remember. 
It's about damn time we love life, dont'cha think?

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