Find The Humor

There are often times when things get a little tough, a little messy, and a little sensitive. We all have those times. I used to be a very shy little girl, and god forbid I had something embarrassing happen in front of anyone. 

 My very first date was when I was fifteen. I was throwing piles of my closet all over the room like a teen film before a date (accurate). I felt no where near close to ready, but I heard a knock on my door downstairs. I made the loudest squeal, which was regretted a millisecond later, followed by anxiety and prayers hoping my date didn't hear that! My anxiety just got worse when the thought crossed my mind that "oh my, he will be down there with my parents!" At that point, things became ridiculous. Imagine a little teen literally jumping into her clothes, running around her bedroom wiping on makeup that she really didn't know how to put on- with a little too much eyeliner here, using the wrong brushes there. A few minutes later, (which, in teen-time, felt like a century) I ran down those stairs, every step trying to compose myself a little more, and prepare myself for the embarrassment I was about to face with my parents. I didn't prepare myself enough apparently, because my eyes probably popped out of my head like a cartoon when I saw my very first date (that was obviously a big deal) signing a contract stating his name, address, parents name along with phone numbers, and also a statement saying "I _____, know what NO means." I was mortified.  My face was flushed and I was sweating up a storm (thanks dad!). We got in the car, he didn't laugh, made me feel awkward for it, and acted like it was an inconvenience rather than a funny joke. I was so embarrassed and never wanted to see that form again. (I mean, he was a senior and I was a freshman! It was such a big deal)

What I wish I would have done was seen the humor. My dad still pulls out the form for anyone I date, and I love it. What I realized is: first, who wants to date someone who doesn't have a sense of humor (not I!) and secondly, if you see the humor in things, you'll have a lot better of a time than being that girl embarrassed, upset, and sweaty (ew!). Just laugh. I mean, come on, there's humor in just about everything. 

My words of wisdom: Don't let the silly things you do drag you down because if you have the capability to find humor in a difficult situation, you win. you come out on top, and that's always a nice feeling. 

Find humor in everything, friends.

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