I CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOU DESERVE THE BEST. Read that again. Think this doesn't apply to you? You're wrong. Don't know me? Well, what a better time to do so; I'd love to. I would love to be the friend you call when you get a promotion or in the middle of the night when the world is closing in. Please remember me in either situation, cause I'm cheering you on more than you know.

I am not here to preach that drugs are bad. We all can look back to fifth grade when we wrapped our wrists with red ribbons and vowed not to do them. Why didn't they teach us what to do when your list of friends who've lost their lives is growing? I can name all of the drugs to avoid, but what about the names of the friends doing them? We are taught to avoid. Avoid avoid avoid. "Avoid drugs, and all those doing them." Well, I'm ready to punch a red ribbon weeker in the face. They taught us wrong. I will be here for you, listen to you, understand you, and fight along side of you. This does not define you.

I'll be here for the relapse, because hell, there probably will be one. But I'll also be here with tough love, drilling your brain with "you're worth it's" and "I believe in you's".

Brookstone Medical is an awesome place in southern Utah that will ween you off of the addiction, rather than forcing a cold turkey decision. They have these all over the world, and I'll find the closest one to you if you ask me to. Don't have a way to get there? I can help! Don't want to lose your friends? Hell, do it together. Worried about what you'll do in your free time? I'll invite you to every activity under the sun. Having a rough night? No problem, let's go on a hike. I'm your friend, even if we haven't met yet.



Rest so peacefully to my many, many, many friends who've lost this battle.

Creative Buffet