Roger Rabbit

Going through the line at the grocery store, I overheard an old man make a joke to the cashier. I laughed, then smiled at the man. He followed with "I'd pay a dollar every day to see a sincere smile like that." I expressed that it made my day; and that was it. 

I walked out to my car, almost was in reverse, when I heard a knock at my window.

(It scared the crap out of me.)

I rolled down my window, and the old man grabbed my hand, put what felt like a coin in it, and then held my hand shut. 

"You're probably wondering why an old fat my man is holding your hand, aren't you?"

I giggled, surprised.

"I'm Roger Rabbit. That may sound like a funny name, but I was a bus driver for most of my life, and the youth wanted to call me something funny. I guess it stuck. 

I told you I would pay a dollar every day to see a sincere smile like yours.."

He opened my hand,

"Do you know what this is?", referring to the coin in my palm,

"This dollar is for you. I lived a very unhappy life growing up, and seeing your smile made me want to come up to you and say to never let that smile dim."

With tears in my eyes, he continued,

"I want you to put this dollar somewhere you can see it often, so you can think of that fat old man, because you made Roger Rabbit's day. I hope that makes you smile, which will make some lucky person's day as well. 

Never let that smile dim.  I look forward to seeing you in heaven."


Something so simple just made me glow. 

It's the little things, my friends. I'm thankful for Roger Rabbit for teaching me that.

Creative Buffet