How To Give Yourself A Free Self-Love Day

I’m all about the wellness trend and the thought of treating myself well, but so many of the ideas for doing so are expensive—like really expensive. I love a good massage but can’t afford to drop $100 every time I’m craving chill time. So instead, I’ve found ways to treat myself without breaking the bank, or spending money at all. If you’re feeling run down or blah, here’s how to have a whole day dedicated to yourself, for no additional cost!

And remember, these are ideas that make me feel great, but what makes each of us happy or rejuvenated is different—cater yours to what you enjoy or need.


If you plan your self-love day for a weekend, give yourself time to slowly wake up and enjoy the sheets. It’s not very often that alarms aren’t dragging us out of bed in a rush, so savor it! Read a magazine, journal, cuddle your cat, and just enjoy bed for a bit longer.


Giving your mind space from technology and social media is actually one of the best things you can do for yourself. Use the morning to unplug. Make a warm cup of lemon water to wake you up and detox (it naturally clears your liver and toxins), and grab a book or puzzle. A quiet, non-tech morning is pretty much the most recharging thing ever and it doesn’t happen nearly enough. No judgments if you’re back in bed at this point.



To truly feel good in the a.m., you’ll want breakfast to consist of something semi-nutritious, so make it balanced. Take advantage of the time to cook and whip up one of your favorite meals—music blasting is a must. My go-to for slow mornings is peanut butter spread on a tortilla topped banana slices and granola. And alllll the coffee!


No matter where you live, drive or walk to a beautiful area that makes you happy. For me, that’s the beach or the mountains. Bring comfy shoes and go for a long walk or run, whatever you want—your body will appreciate the endorphins from light exercise and the scenery will make it easier. When you’re done, chill. Stretch, meditate, listen to music, do nothing, just enjoy being outdoors.



Self-love doesn’t have to be a solo—hanging out with friends (who you don’t see face-to-face all that often) is good for the soul. Don’t feel pressured to go out to eat or spend money either; meet up for a picnic or even go lay on each other’s couches. Simply enjoy seeing your friends and catching up!


You can’t complete a self-love day without some pampering, it’s a fact. If you have a face mask laying around, do one of those or make your own. Take a nice relaxing shower or draw up a bath and treat your body to a gentle oil massage after. You might want to lather your hair in coconut oil for an overnight treatment to get the most out of your “spa” time, too.

Then, hit the hay early and get ready to wake up feeling all sorts of rejuvenated.

What would your self-love day look like?
What ideas do you have for free self-love?

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