Heat Stroke At The Bohme Photoshoot

I never took the time to understand heat warnings until I had a heat stroke in August of 2016 in 116 degree weather, in the middle of a photoshoot. I'm lucky the photographer's husband had just returned from serving in Iraq and was fully trained, knowing exactly what to do in such a situation. The doctors told me his efforts saved my life.

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I hadn't been sweating. Little to my knowledge, that's a sign of a heat stroke. 

The best thing to do is get to the hospital, but in the meantime, soak *multiple* rags in ice water, placing them under their armpits, behind the neck, groin area, and bottom of their feet. They had to continuously change out the rags because my body temp was making them hot in under a minute. It's not a joke, the heat is basically making your body an oven for your organs to cook in.

I was completely delirious when woken, and would fall unconscious every few minutes. I felt as if I couldn't breathe, and my pulse was extremely low. My temperature had reached 104 by the time I got to the hospital, after intense efforts to cool my temperature. It came on incredibly fast. I was modeling a beautiful dress one moment, and the next I lost all strength in my body, to the point where I could hardly mumble "I don't feel good" as I fell to the floor. I woke up to a big man I didn't know carrying me to a car, but couldn't even move. I woke up the next time to my dress being taken off and ice water being poured on me, wash cloth after wash cloth being placed in areas I normally would want covered, but couldn't talk or even halfway comprehend what was happening. I'm so thankful for how professional and driven he was. Again, he saved my life. 

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