Warped Tour 2017

One month ago, we celebrated Dalan’s birthday! (How does time pass so quickly?!) This is the third birthday of his that we’ve spent together. He wanted to go to Warped Tour, Salt Lake City. To make this one as special as the ones preceding, I pulled a few strings (be patient, you'll find out soon enough).

We packed up two backpacks and drove to the northern part of Utah. We got to warped tour and stared at the time board of which bands would play at what time. Dalan started writing out our itinerary down to 15 minute time periods. We had the day planned, running back and forth to each stage where we'd watch some of our favorite bands. 

Dalan was looking at band merch, when an Our Last Night band mate, Woody came up and wished Dal a happy birthday. A few moments later, another band mate, Matt, came up to hang for a while. Okay, I had been writing Our Last Night's guitarist, Woody, for about a month or so. The plan was to wish him a happy birthday on stage, but he recognized me in the crowd and came to hangout. It was much more personalized, and Dalan was incredibly surprised. 

As the days go on, trekking back and forth through stages, I had to be persistent and almost annoying to be at the north east stage for the last few songs of the Knocked Loose set. Unfortunately but fortunately, we ran into one of Dalan's childhood best friends we were meeting there, and missed the Knocked Loose singer ask for Dalan to come on stage and wish him a happy birthday. That's okay. It was the thought that counts.

We ran the the next stage where we got there juuust in time to hear them dedicate a song to Dalan for his birthday. 

Dalan was surprised and felt like a total badass. Mission accomplished. Sometimes you have to be a little extra to make them feel special on their birthday.

We were able to spend some time with Dalan's childhood best friend (who he has matching tattoos with + the most intense secret handshake), meeting his kids and spending some good quality time. We followed that with K1 Racing with a few of our other friends. It's insane, and of course, Dalan got first both races. 

On our way home, we needed a little more excitement, so we blew out our tire on the freeway going nearly 100. We're safe, it's fine.

 It was an awesome way to celebrate Dalan’s last 365 days of adventure. It was a total success.

Here are some photos from our trip:



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